Main technical data in travel configuration
Category Item Unit  Parameter
Dimension Overall length mm 11580
Overall height mm 3700
Overall width mm 2495
Wheel base Axles 1 and 2 mm 4450
Axles 2 and 3 mm 1450
Tread Front axle mm 1995
Medium and rear axle mm 1800
Weight Total vehicle curb weight kg 19600
Axle load Front axle kg 4880
Medium and rear axle kg 14720
Extinguishant rated load weight Water kg 6000/3000
Foam kg 3200/6300
Weight with full load kg 29250
Axle load Front axle kg 6550
Medium and rear axle kg 22700
Travel performance
Max. travel speed km/h ≥85
Min. turning diameter m ≤24
Approach angle ° ≥26
Departure angle ° ≥10
Braking distance (at 30km/h) m ≤10
Min. ground clearance mm 339
Max. gradeability % ≥25
Main technical data for operation
Main performance Rated working height m 25
Max. working radius m 13.5
Outrigger span(longitudinal×lateral) m 5.925×4.8
Elevating range The angle of 1st boom against horizontal ° 085
The angle of 2nd boom against 1st boom ° 0150
The angle of 3rd boom against 2nd boom ° 80170
Fire pump rated flow Ls 50
Fire pump rated outlet pressure MPa ≥1.5
Water monitor Water monitor flow
Ls 50
Water monitor pressure MPa ≤0.8
Water monitor reach m ≥75
Foam monitor flow Ls 48
Foam monitor pressure MPa ≤0.8
Foam monitor reach m ≥60
Nozzle travel range Up:-45°Down90°Left and right±170
Working speed Boom deploying time S ≤90
Outrigger extending time S ≤30
Slewing speed rmin 01