Model     Unit XE370C
Operating weight     kg 36600
Standard bucketcapacity     m3 1.6
Engine Engine Model --- ISUZU AA-6HK1XQP
Type Direct injection ---
Four strokes ---
Water cooling ---
Turbo charged ---
Air to air intercooler ---
No. of cylinders   --- 6
Rated power/speed   kW/ r/min 184/2000
Max. torque/speed   N.m 872.8/1700
Displacement   L 7.79
Main data Travel speed   km/h 5.4/3.2
Max. gradeability   % 58
Swing speed   r/min 10.1
Ground pressure   kPa 67.8
Bucket digging force at power max.   kN 242
Arm crowd force at power max.   kN 174
Hydraulic Main pump   -- 2Plunger pump
Rate flow   L/min 2x280
Max pressure of system   MPa 31.5/34.3
Max pressure of travel equipment   MPa --
Max pressure of swing equipment   MPa --
Pilot press setting   MPa 3.9
Oil & Fuel refilling Fuel tank capacity L 600
Hydraulic tank capacity L 320
Engine lubrication L 28
Dimensions Overall length mm 11105
Overall width mm 3190
Overall height mm 3300
Overall width of upperstructure mm 2960
Track length mm 5070
Overall width of undercarriage mm 3190
Standard track shoe width mm 600
Track length on ground mm 4040
Track gauge mm 2590
Clearance under counter weight mm 1197
Ground clearance mm 500
Tail swing radius mm 3450
WorkingRange Max. digging height mm 10445
Max. dumping height mm 7287
Max. digging depth mm 7423
Max. digging depth of cut for mm 7266
Max. vertical wall digging depth mm 6776
Max. digging reach mm 11114
Max. digging reach mm 10907
Max. turning radius mm 4376